Monday, June 28, 2010

DWG Batch Standards Checker Command Line for AutoCAD

In the AutoCAD manual they have very limited on the DWG Batch Standards Checker:

Note: When you start the batch Standards Checker from a DOS command line Using the DWGCHECKSTANDARDS command, the batch standards checker accepts a variety of command-line parameters that can be Used for scripting batch standards audits.

However, I found this website in German that explains command line usage:

DwgCheckStandards with the options
/ Idrive: \ folder \ subfolder \ meincheckfile.chx
/ Odrive: \ folder \ subfolder \ meinegechecktenfiles.chx
/ EDrive: \ folder \ subfolder \ Reportdatei.htm

 I wrote my own GUI interface in C# as can you, please see the below screenshot:

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