Friday, October 1, 2010

ProjectWise SQL Command for updating MIME types in VB.NET

In the Bentley ProjectWise Integration Server, there is a SQL table full of MIME datatypes. We recently had to adjust the MIME type for PDF files. This SQL segment allows you to change the MIME type in bulk for all of your documents of this extension. I wrote a VB.NET application that implements this SQL code, but you can do it directly in SQL Studio 2005/2008, and on.

   Dim SqlCommand1 As String
   SqlCommand1 = "UPDATE dms_doc _
    SET dms_doc.o_mimetype = _
    'application/pdf' WHERE _
    (o_mimetype LIKE '%unknown%') _
     AND (o_filename LIKE '%.pdf%')"
Dim command As New SqlCommand(SqlCommand1, oSQLConn)
Dim dr As SqlDataReader
     dr = command.ExecuteReader()
     MsgBox("dms_doc Table -> _
     PDF has been updated!", _
     MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Success")

   Catch ex As Exception
     MsgBox(ex.Message, _
     MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "Error")
   End Try

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