Saturday, January 30, 2016

Observer Pattern in Unity3D's C#

Can't tell you how often I use observers, and delegates and events in C# when using Unity3D. Say you have a boolean value called isWinner in your Game Class. If you want to see if that bool value has became true in a different class you need to subscribe using an observer and observable. Since isWinner is boolean, a different class called Leaderboards needs to run a method that increments a GameCenter leaderboard. You accomplish this through the Observer Pattern and Delegates.

In a Game class:

private static bool _isWinner = false;
public static bool isWinner {
get { return _isWinner; }
set { _isWinner = value;
if (_isWinner) {

public delegate void Winner();
public static event Winner initiateWinner;

        public static void finishGame() {
                 isWinner = true;

In a Leaderboard class:

void OnEnable() {
Game.initiateWinner += doWin;

void OnDisable() {
Game.initiateWinner -= doWin;

void doWin() {
                // do your gamecenter, social, prime31 code here

From above it's easy to assess that is happening. isWinner is changed, and the event initateWinner() is initiated. Then on the Leaderboard class it's observed and calls doWin();.

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